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Business Bridge Europe is proud to announce its new online platform: BBE Talks

Our new platform

As a complement to our past Conferences on Space, Aeronautics, Circular Economy and Energy, we have put together a new platform through which we will organise and host a series of online debates between key stakeholders on the future of Europe’s recovery. Following the recent Recovery Plan and reviewed Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 proposal by the European Commission, on the 27th May, we will bring around the table European decisionmakers, European industry and civil society to facilitate a public discussion on issues of keen importance to Europe, to its industry in particular and to society as a whole, in light of current events.

Eager to keep building bridges during this crisis period, we felt that launching this new dedicated online platform would be of particular importance to everyone across industrial spectrum, to discuss the challenges and opportunities resulting from the COVID-19 public health crisis and the economic turbulence that comes with it, and the impact that this will have on Europe’s industrial ambitions.

BBE Space Talks

For the past 12 years, BBE has sought to bring the European space sector together with European policymakers because we believe in European space. As such, we will be launching “BBE Space Talks” as the inaugural version of our platform in the coming weeks.

Space is one of the key domains where European added value is ever more apparent, and we are convinced that, it is by working together, European public authorities with the European space sector both upstream and downstream, in close collaboration with each other, that Europe will be able to shine in space. It is also this collaboration that will bolster Europe’s crisis management and post-crisis recovery, in the context of the space domain in particular, and of society as a whole. The organisation of this new online platform reflects our continued commitment to support and facilitate this collaboration.

BBE Space Talks will run until the 13th European Space Conference, which is set to take place on January 2021.

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