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Business Bridge Europe is a consulting company public affairs and advocacy consulting company focusing on the European Union and certain aspects of international relations.

Offering personalized and customized services, performed exclusively by its partners, BBE’s considerable experience in European Affairs and thorough knowledge of the European environment makes it a highly effective operator in Brussels.

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Business Bridge Europe is a public affairs and lobbying firm focusing the European Union and certain aspects of international relations.

BBE is a “niche” company with personalized and customized services.

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We're confident we can help you grow your business and being heard by EU decision makers.

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BBE is located at the heart of the EU district, one minute from the European Commission headquarters and three minutes from the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.
Rue Belliard 205 bte 2 - 1040 Brussels - Belgium
+32 (0)2 231 58 50

Our Services

BBE provides the full array of classical services of a Public Affairs firm without the standardized approach of multinational lobbying firms.

European & Regulatory Affairs

Brussels is the centre of European public affairs

BBE has a thorough knowledge of the working of the EU institutions (Commission, Parliament, Court of Justice, European Investment Bank, Social and Economic Committee, Committee of the Regions) , the decision making mechanisms as well as the legislative and regulatory labyrinth.


Business Intelligence

Present for more than thirty years in the institutional milieu in Brussels

The founders of Business Bridge Europe have been present for more than thirty years in the institutional, professional and representative milieu in Brussels. With the passing of time, they have been able to build an extensive and diverse network of privileged contacts.


Communication & Media Relations

Relational & media aspects are at the heart of our startegies

The long experience of these media, acquired mainly from the inside, allows BBE to effectively manage relations with journalists and, in particular, with the very large press corps accredited with the European institutions.


Representation & Lobbying

Develop & implement effective and tailored strategies

The partners of Business Bridge Europe have the necessary experience to develop and implement effective and tailored strategies of representation and defense of the interests of their clients. Their wide network allows them to introduce their clients easily to the EU decision makers ( Commission civil servants, MEP’s, medias, etc..) as well as to the main public representatives of the Member States of the EEE.


Forums, Events & Conferences

Organization & management of forums, events & conferences

Business Bridge Europe’s partners have combined their experience in order to create and organize events in their respective fields of competence and that can be useful to their clients in their strategies of development.


Crisis Communication

Long & deep experience with crisis communication

BBE partners are familiar with situations where enterprises, associations or public organizations are suddenly thrust into the public and media limelight, often in a manner out of their control. They have a long and deep experience with crisis communication which they can conduct with accuracy, rapidity and effectiveness.


Training in Oral Communication

Training aimed at helping professionals speak &ldquot;the language of Brussels&rdquot;

Based on its experiences, BBE is competent to give technical training aimed at helping those professionals to speak the language of Brussels. The art of communicating clearly and effectively and in the appropriate tone is an essential survival tool in a variety of situations including press interviews, conferences, speeches, etc.


EU Project Financing

Identification of various types of financing potentially available

BBE assists its clients in the identification of the various types of financing potentially available to them, particularly from the Commission, the European Investment Bank, and its subsidiaries. BBE can also advise you on the procedures to follow in order to qualify for these grants and loans. It can also guide you in the all-important search for partners.


Education in European Public Affairs

General type training in institutional mechanisms and public affairs

BBE makes its experience, competences and connections in the EU environment available for general type training in institutional mechanisms and public affairs or for more specific types of education.



Annual Major Events


International Visitors


EU Official Contacts


Industrial Contacts

Our Current Expertise

As they have chosen to be the personal interfaces of their clients and to take on the promotion and the defence of the interests which have been entrusted to them, BBE partners have decided to limit the perimeter of their activities.

They offer their services also in new industrial fields, provided they can offer a genuine added value to their clients, to benefit them and to establish a close relationship with them.

Fields of Expertise

EU transport policy; New air traffic management (SESAR); Greener aviation - Clean Sky; EFSI and EIB potential financial support; States aids issues; International competitiveness and trade issues; etc.

our methodology

Business Bridge Europe is a consulting company active in Public Affairs and lobbying. It focuses its know-how on the EU domain and certain aspects of international relations.

BBE offers a wide array of services: monitoring, business intelligence, lobbying, communication, crisis management, media campaigns, pursuit of EU funding, business representation, events organization, and training in European Public Affairs.

BBE combines, case by case, expertise in high level economic intelligence and lobbying, mastery of the dossiers, mobilizing of information sources as well as pertinent contacts with decision makers and influential actors, particularly the international press accredited with the EU with which it enjoys a privileged relationship.

BBE bases its expertise on :

  • The rich and complementary expertise and network of its partners
  • Their considerable experience in EU affairs
  • The command of EU policy, legislation, and the associated mechanisms
  • Their close proximity to the key actors in the European domain: civil servants and diplomats
  • Their deep knowledge of the needs and requirements of the business world

our team

Business Bridge Europe is proud to gather a team of experts cumulating tens of years of experience with the European institutions as well as extended knowledge in our fields of expertise. Their complementary backgrounds allow them to offer complete yet focused coverage of the various competence required to fully satisfy our clients.

All the members of BBE team come from different countries, they speak fluently several languages and are experts in European and international affairs.

Our goal is to defend and represent the interests of our clients at the highest political level and to guide our clients on how to reach them.

BBE’s golden rule: Winning!


The Business Bridge Europe’s Partners as well as their associates and collaborators are committed :

To abide by high ethical norms. They intend to prove their integrity and honesty in all their relations with public officials, the institutions they represent as well as with their clients and all other actors in political, economic and social life.

To ensure a high degree of transparency while simultaneously showing a very strict respect of the confidentiality required by their clients and interlocutors. In this respect, they will take all the necessary measures so as not to represent conflicting or competing interests without the express agreement of the parties concerned.

To not use the confidential and insiders data obtained in the framework of their activities at the expenses of their clients interests or for personal benefit.

Business Bridge Europe has been enrolled on the Transparency Register of the European Union since 16 May 2011